This website will be used as a news page for news about the International Tournament called the Hanze Trophy, which takes place every year in the Easter weekend.

The Hanze Trophy is a football tournament and is organized every year by the Football Club “Sport Vereniging Ittersum” (v.v. S.V.I.) together with Euro-Sportring.  v.v. S.V.I. is located in Zwolle, a city in the east of the Netherlands. We are quite proud of our tournament and we will try to keep you updated about this beautiful event.

The Hanze Trophy is a tournament for footballers between 9 and 17. This year the tournament will be held for the 15th time. The footballers play within their own category.

In the past few years we have welcomed teams from Germany, Belgium, France, Scotland, Denmark, Italy, Wales, England, Poland, Switserland, Sweden and the Netherlands of course.

Quote of one our participants:

"This tournament is always a guarantee for exciting matches, beautiful goals but above all international bonding and a lot of fun. Because that’s what this game is about: FUN".

"It’s not always about winning because remember, you can’t win everything".

Together with the regular matches of the tournament, there are accompanying events, which both have proven to be very successful, like our sidegames panna, beachsoccer, footvolley or the penalty shoot-out. 

For example, our pannacage below.

Last year the tournament was awarded with the “Weeshuisprijs” by the local organization “Foundation het Hervormd Weeshuis”. The price focuses on events for the youth in which volunteers play a great part.

Our tournament got its name “the Hanze Trophy” from the important trade route that was used between many cities from mostly Germany and the Netherlands but also from Sweden, Poland and Belgium which were called “Hanseatic cities”. Zwolle was one of these cities which participated and is located near one of the rivers, used by the trading cities of the Hanze, called the IJssel river.

The next thing we would like to tell you about is our beautiful footbalclub VV SVI. The club was founded more than 60 years ago, on the 28th of September 1952.

The club started in the 3rd league of the region Zwolle, but ten years later they were promoted to the official leagues of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (Dutch Football League).

Quote from one of our elderly members:

"After many years of roaming Zwolle for a field to play their matches and many years of lobbying for their own sports park, the city council finally gave in".


In 1974 our own sports park was opened, “De Siggels” is its name.

In 2002 VV SVI was the first club in the region of Zwolle to have a field of artificial grass. The following years VV SVI grew out to be one of the biggest football clubs of Zwolle and its region with more than 1250 members.

And last but not least some information about the contemporary hanseatic city of Zwolle:

Zwolle has a lot to offer its visitors and every year many tourists come to visit our beautiful city. We are a very green city and have been awarded the price for greenest city of the Netherlands three times already. 

The city boasts a medieval centre, splendid theatres, an extended assortment of shops,

Excellent hotels and various beautiful parks. Zwolle encompasses everything you might expect from a contemporary city that managed to preserve the intimacy of its medieval past. The historic gables, the city wall and watch towers, the 600-yearold gate (The Sassenpoort) and its star shaped moat, surrounded by monumental patrician houses, are characteristic for Zwolle. Cosy, well maintained alleys and impressive ramparts invite you to explore the city.

Since the 14th century Zwolle’s undisputed landmark is De Peperbus (The Peppermill),

a 75-meter high spire connected to the basilica of Onze Lieve Vrouwe (Our Blessed Lady). The reward of climbing this tower is a stunning view over the city.

You can visit the “MAC3PARK Stadium” for a match of our local pride PEC Zwolle, a footballclub playing in the highest football league of the Netherlands,  called the Eredivisie.

You can also visit concerts at Hedon, where mostly new and upcoming artists perform and the “IJsselhallen”, a large building where many great Dutch and international artists have played their songs.

And on the 5th of May, when we celebrate WOII Remembrance Day, you can visit Park de Weezenlanden for the biggest music festival of the Netherlands.

With this we hope to have informed you well about the tournament, our club and our beautiful city.

We hope to welcome you at the tournament.


Yours faithfully,

The tournament committee,

Sebastiaan Landman (chairman)

Klaas van Rozen

Debby Tufo

Maarten Spijkerman 

Mattijn Landman

Nikki Hendriks

Robert-Jan Spijkerman

Rene van Hoof