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Program (EN)

Friday April 02th 2021

02.00 pm Welcome and meeting teams at sports park ‘The Siggels’:
From 02.00 pm all participating teams will check-in at sports park “De Siggels”. They are welcomed by two members of the Tournament Committee and a representative of EuroSportRing (ESR). They will explain the complete program of the tournament and will give all the information you need such as the schedule, the tournament guide and the schedule of the side games.

During the check-in the sports park and the bar will be open, so the teams can go on the pitches and buy something to eat and/or drink.

09:00 pm Team leaders reception at sports park ‘The Siggels’:
At 09:00 pm there is a team leaders reception. We expect at least one team leader from each team to be present at this meeting at sports park “De Siggels”. A bus will leave at approximately 8.00 pm from your accommodation, so you don’t have to use your own bus or car.

The intention of this evening is getting to know the team leaders of the other teams and to be informed about the tournament. Rules and regulations will be explained clearly and questions will be answered. During this evening there will be something to drink and a snack. At 10:30 pm the bus will leave, heading back to your accommodation.

Saturday April 03th 2021

09.00 am Official opening ceremony at sports park ‘The Siggels’:
The official opening ceremony will take place at 09.00 am at sports park ‘The Siggels’. Each team will be welcomed and the national anthems of the participating countries will be played. The alderman of Zwolle will open the tournament officially.

10.15 am sports park The Siggels/10:30 am sports park Jo van Marle  Kick-off of the tournament:
After the opening ceremony the first matches will start at both sport accommodations.
De Siggels: U13 U14 G15 U15
Jo van Marle: U11 U12 G13 G17 U17
During the day the side games, all scheduled, will be played. During the whole day a DJ is playing music in the tent to create a great tournament ambience.

08.00 pm Hanze Party:
At 08.00 pm the Hanze Party will start at the sports park ‘The Siggels’. All participating teams are invited to this party. Everyone receives a free entrance ticket for this fantastic evening. The party continues till midnight.

Sunday April 04th 2021

09.00 am Start of the second day of the tournament:
On this day the last group matches and the finals will be played. In the meantime the side games will be played too. During this day again a DJ is playing music in the tent to create a great tournament ambience.

03.00/05.00 pm Award ceremony with Moment of Fame:
Together with the award ceremony you will have “Your moment of fame”. During this event all players will get their medal and a picture will be taken of your team. The awards for the tournament, side games and fair play cup will be graciously awarded.

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